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Recent questions

I want to know the exact same thing; the psychedelic guitar work just blew my mind. If anyone knows...please

abemg97 level 1 | 6 days ago | Focus
What's the song at the beginning of the movie when Nicky and Jess first met?

anyone know what song is playing around the 5 minute mark when robert is sat outside?

hello, what song is playing at 0:15:13, it is up to the moment when they boarded the bus and went to clubs thanks in advance.

Sam_TheLiom level 1 | 1 week ago | Dumb and Dumber To
So I have a quick question. Early in the film there is a transitional song which is played twice; once after Petey finds Butthole in his apartment..."the horror" and so forth...AND also right before they rediscover Mutt Cuts. It has a Pete Yorn feel. It starts with harmonica and only plays for maybe 15 seconds. You gotta help me out! I love that song. Thanks!
Joshua_Williams level 1 | 1 week ago
It sounds like Heart of Gold! It sounded to me like the Kacey Musgraves version

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