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Recent questions

Khay_Gomez level 1 | 1 week ago | If I Stay
Why are there no indications anymore where the song was played?
tomm098 level 5   admin | 2 days ago
I'll add the scenes to this one tonight. Sometimes we get the song track list before we have a chance to watch the movie. So we add the scenes a couple days or weeks after we add the songs. We hope you understand, thanks for being patient.

nanawessels level 1 | 1 week ago | Veronica Mars
What is the song playing at the end of the movie when the credits are showing?

Josh_Lawrence level 1 | 1 week ago | American Beauty
What is the name of the music that's playing when lester gets shot in american beauty
Theredraj level 1 | 1 week ago
Just saw the movie, and no song per se was playing, just a few notes of the background instrumental.
Josh_Lawrence level 1 | 1 week ago
I was afraid of that bc I really like it. Thank u for the answer
tomm098 level 5   admin | 4 days ago
It could also be "Blood Red" by Thomas Newman. Track #17 in the score soundtrack?

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