About Us


WhatSong was started by myself back in 2008. I believed there lacked a website which truely helped users find music from movies. Since then we have grown into a comprehensive database, with over 1,200 movies, 15,000 artists and 30,000 songs. Our main mission is to make this site the most helpful and comprehensive site for discovering songs you heard in movies. We aim to build communitity and social aspects of the site over the coming year and promise to continue adding scene and time descriptions to as many new movies as we can.

What makes us different?

Good question! Many things.

1. The number one thing we offer from almost every other soundtrack site, is that we provide the full list of credited songs.

2. Our admins and users add as many scene descriptions as they can, especially on all the recent releases.

3. Our growing user base creates a greater sense of community than any other site. Our contribution system means you can rank up by helping other users with their requests and questions.

Who are we?

Tom Andrew Founder, UI Design, Administrator & Primary Contributor [Australia]
Sergey Ilchenko Lead Developer [Ukraine]

How can I contact you?

You can contact us regarding anything including feedback, feature requests, movie requests, advertising queries or anything else with our email below: staff [at] what-song.com. You can also choose to email me personally at tommy.ge.andrew [at] gmail.com.

How often is your site upgraded?

Our website is continuously being upgraded with fixes and upgrades occuring on a near-daily basis. Most of our development occurs behind-the-scenes however we do like to roll out new features and design layouts on a regular basis. Things currently in our development pipeline include intergrating Spotify with all of our songs, as well as the improving the community presence by allowing users to get more involved. We are also about to start development on our Android app.

In terms of movies, we always try to keep up with the latest releases and our founder Tom does most of the recent releases on his own for quality purposes.

How can I help?

WhatSong will always be free to use, however there are many things you can do to get involved and help us out. The easiest thing to do is simply become an active member and help us and our users by adding your favorite movies. You can always tell your friends about us or simply share a link on your blog or website. Anything you do to help us grow will be greatly appreciated.

Do you take donations?

Yes we do. Any donation, no matter how small will be directly invested back into the site. We are still a relatively small site, and struggle to make enough revenue to pay for development and hosting. So any donations will be greatly appreciated; we'll love you for it!

Where are your servers hosted?

Our servers are currently reliably & efficiently hosted in Canada, with the company 'myhosting'.

What do the badges mean?

Users are awarded badges based on there contributions to the site. You can gain points by adding movies, songs, scene descriptions and answering other users questions. There are currently five levels available to the general public.
Level 1 0 - 250 points.
Level 2 251 - 750 points.
Level 3 751 - 1,500 points.
Level 4 1,501 - 3,000 points.
Level 5 3,001 + points.

Special Badges
VIP paid member
admin works here at WhatSong

What limitations do I have?

To keep our site properly moderated, you must prove yourself before gaining access to certain privelages.

Level 1 & Level 2 Any movies and the songs you add to them must be approved by an admin before they go live. You are also not permitted to add songs to movies other people have contributed.

Level 3 Your movies and songs go live on your command now. You also gain access to add songs to any movie you see fit. You can start contributing towards TV shows now.

Level 4 You gain access to overwrite scene /time descriptions and delete/edit poorly written answers or spam.

Level 5 You now have the ability to delete/edit incorrect songs. Also gain access to edit movie information, such as release dates, posters, composers etc.

*At level 5 you also gain the benefits of being a VIP.