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Recent questions

Aldana_Bellesi level 1 | 1 day ago | Two Night Stand
hi! thanks for the list i really love these songs ♥
tomm098 level 5   admin | 16 hours ago
You're welcome :) Thanks for visiting us.

tomm098 level 5   admin | 1 day ago | Rectify: Episode 5 "Act as If"
Anyone know what song is playing when Daniel does Cocaine at the party?

Franco_Capolongo level 1 | 2 days ago | 22 Jump Street
What's the dupstep/electro song in the end credits???

Vichayut_Somwangprasert level 1 | 2 days ago | 22 Jump Street
Whats the song just after Schmidt park the car and chasing the dealer from 1.29.52 - 1.29.57 ??

razzell2 level 1 | 3 days ago | Life Of Crime
I believe you may have made a mistake on one of the soundtrack songs listed here. You have this listed: I CAN'T CHANGE IT (FT. FRANK CARILLO) BRETT BOYETT 1:16 Louis takes Mickey home, she tells him she doesn't want to go home. I believe that this cut is actually Frankie Miller - I can't change it (1973). Could be wrong but its something to check out.
razzell2 level 1 | 3 days ago
cant seem to edit this so i will reword it here in the reply box. I know that the movie credits list this song exactly as you have added it, but I think even the credits must be wrong. I know this tune and I know the voices of both singers, Frankie Miller and Boyett and Carillo, and unless this is a smashup or something, that is Frankie Miller singing that small but of music in this particular scene. Thanks, Russell

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