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22 Jump Street

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Credited Songs 41 Songs
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Killing Strangers 36 Marilyn Manson & Tyler Bates John Wick
Song as a contract is put out on John Wick. Plays a second time towards the end.
Annabelle Opening 5 Joseph Bishara Annabelle
In My Mind 4 M86 & Susie Q John Wick
Song as John Wick first enters the club with Viggo's men.
Think 4 Kaleida John Wick
Second song in the club, as John Wick continues to kill Viggo's men.
Holocene Song Available on Rdio 3 Bon Iver The Judge
0:39 This plays as Hank is in the basement putting frozen peas on his head and his brother plays movie reels of their childhood.
The Scientist Song Available on Rdio 3 Willie Nelson The Judge
2:13 Played during the end Credits
Black Stroller 3 Joseph Bishara Annabelle
Daisy 2 Tyler Bates & Joel J. Richard John Wick
The Red Circle 2 Le Castle Vania John Wick
On the Hunt 2 Tyler Bates & Joel J. Richard John Wick

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