Joseph Bishara

Featured in the following...

Two Possibilities
Now Try To Go To Sleep
Night Visit
Missing Time
Found Agape
Geometric Branding
Not In Control
The Disturbances
Night Ride 2
The Missing
Command Control
The Conjuring
touring Haunted planes
taped Occurrences
she saw Something
look what She made me do
Wall Searching
water corpse Vision
You Look Very Pretty
Souls Pulled In
Witch Comes Through
Birds Pulled In
Murderous Offering
The Soaring entities
Ritual Casting
The Insidious Plane
Give It Time
Unawakened (Mvmt1)
Unawakened (Mvmt2)
Voices In the Static
It Said It Was a Visitor
Hallway Twins
Hooves for Feet
The Further
Broken Open
Gas Mask Vision
Muted Whisperings
Leave This Vessel
Night Terror
Bring Him Back
into the Further
Into the Lair
He's Looking At Us
They're Coming Through
Slithers Into Fog
The Child Awake
A New World
Dark Boundaries Crossed
Void Figure 7
Void Moment Suite
Ghost Photographs
Inside Your Dream
The Flickering Entity
Insidious Chapter 2
You Think I Did This
Void Figure 7 (Ch2)
Annabelle Opening
Found At Prayer
It’s the One
Not My Blood
Cult Killings
Return Home
Promise Me
Doll Disposal
Broken Needle
Doll Is Back
Shaken Foundations
Black Stroller
disciples of the Ram
They Summon
The Devil preys
Demon Doll Rises
what do You want from me
The Fallen
Evil Is Constant
Annabelle Closing
Annabelle Soaring
The New Changes
New Beginnings
There Was a Crooked Man
Enfield Opening
As Close to Hell
The Conjuring 2
It Isn’t Real
Asserted Presence
From the Grave
Crooked Moving
Psychic Sharing
Not a Heaven Man
Ceiling Teleportation
Submerged Entity
Changes Everything
Help It Let Go
Dual Levitation
Souls Cast Out
What’s Your name
Book Inscribed
Crooked Man Rhyme
Soaring Phenomena