Jon Brion

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Back and Forth
1:17 Dale and Brennan get their own jobs and apartments
0:01 Joel awakes in his bed, after the memory erasure process, and inexplicably heads to Montauk. Also plays when Mary meets Stan with the memory files.
0:27 Joel collects everything that reminds him of Clementine to take to Lacuna Inc. as he prepares to get his memory of her erased.
1:19 In one of Joel's last memories, him and Clementine wonder if they could try again as the bookstore around them fades.
0:19 Joel takes a sleeping pill as he prepares for the memory erasure. He loses consciousness and Patrick and Stan move in.
0:40 Clementine gets angry at Joel whilst at the markets for implying she would be a bad mother. This short songs occurs throughout the film many, many times.
Mary implies a hidden love for Howard as Patrick races to comfort Clementine.
0:24 Joel discovers the letter stating that Clementine has erased him from his memory.
1:09 Joel recalls a childhood memory where he is pressured into killing a bird.
0:30 Joel begins to undergo the memory erasure process at Lacuna Inc.
0:12 Joel leaves Clementine's apartment. She asks him to call and wish her happy Valentine's Day. Recurs when they lie on the frozen lake and when Clementine asks Joel if she's ugly.
1:07 Joel loses his memory of being washed in a sink as a child as Howard erases it.
0:57 Joel's childhood memory of himself playing in the rain.
1:07 Joel's memory of him and Clementine at the drive in being erased.
0:17 Joel drives home crying as main intro credits play.
1:11 Joel and Clementine play on a snowy Montauk beach.
1:14 Joel and Clementine watch a parade of elephants as Mary narrates in reality the Alexander Pope poem that contains the movie's namesake.
Didn't Think It Would Turn Out Bad
Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
Strangest Times
I Get What It's About
You Learn True To Yourself
You Can't Take It With You
Knock Yourself Out
Huckabees Jingle (50's Version)
True to Yourself
Didn't Think It Would Turn Out Bad (String Quartet Version)
Monday (End Credits)
Craft Service Theme
1:01 Dirk wins his next award.
Theme 1 (Debbie and Oliver)
1:53 Sadie catches Debbie smoking in the front yard.
The Break-Up Theme
Punch Drunk Melody
Le Petit Château
Punch Drunk Tack Piano
Danny (Lonely Blue Boy)
Third Floor Hallway
Blossoms and Blood
He Really Needs Me