Aaron Zigman

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Alabama Home
Where Or When
Allie Returns
House Blues / The Porch Dance / The Proposal / The Carnival
Noah's Journey
Noah's Last Letter
Our Love Can Do Miracles
Steve's Theme
played throughout movie
Main Title
Sneaking Out of the Barn
Night Time Ride
Katie Steals Flicka
Flicka Comes Home
Flicka Chase
Zack & Katie
Katie's Dream
The Essay
I Can Win That Race
Herd Overlook
The Apple
The Search
Rob & Nell
Out of the Barn
End Title
Welcome to Abu Dhabi
Carrie Wonders / Airport Arrival
Samantha Talks to Smith / Carrie's Arrival
Call the Girls / It Happened One Night
Meeting Erin / Miranda / Arrival At Connecticut
Confiscate Drugs
Carrie Sees Aidan
Breakfast / Jeep Guy
Breakfast, Pt. 2
Samantha Released
Home Without Big
It's Me & You Suite
Leaving Wedding
Carrie Sees Vogue
Flick the Bean
Abby Calls Colin
Abby & Mike In L.A.
Get the Stain Out
Abby Calls Mike
The Ugly Truth
Duck Cacciatore
Thank Your P***y for Me
Your Producer
Frowny McFlaccid
Right This Way
Who Would Love
Goodnight Then
Somethin's Up
Naked Weather Girl
Your Replacement
Abby & Mike Banter
Abby & Mike Rant
Feels So Good
D ndndnsndjdndn
Heaven in Your Eyes
Sitting on the beach
Main Titles
Happy Family
Round Three
The Museum
I Think That's My Favorite
Did We Have Plans?
I'll Make It Up To You
A Terrible Path
I Want To Paint You
Scrubbing Clean
I Can't Do This
I Can't Help It
Painting Zoe
Other Women
I Think We Should Talk
Take a Walk
A New Client
Special Delivery
You're Not Leaving Me
Jason Knows
Welcome Home
Our Love Is Forever
A Rose and a Kiss
Rig Explosion
Amanda Hears About Tuck
Dawson Arrives At Tuck's
Dawson and Amanda Study
You Wanna Hit Me?
Wounds Never Heal
Kiss In the Rain
College Application
Dawson's Scars
How Do I Fall Back In Love?
Cole Attacks Tuck
Scattering Ashes
Dawson Breaks It Off
I Waited For You
We're the Lucky Ones
It's Tomorrow
Tuck's Letter
He's Not Like Them
Dawson Rescues Aaron
Found Heart / Dreaming
Amanda Finds Out
Amanda Reads the Letter
I'm a T-Rex
A Work in Progress
The First Kiss
Stay the Night
Restaurant Date
Knife Fight
The Jersey Goons
The Sweeping Current
I'm Not a Bad Person
Martha's Confusion
Elmer Fudd Shotgun
Martha Is In
Poolside Shootout
Hopper Arrives
Richie's Lecture
Martha Feeling Motivated
Mr. Right Makes an Entrance
Brother Drama
Bruce Battle
Martha Found