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Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime
First song during the film's opening credits while Joel (Jim Carrey) is in his car with tears on his face.
Lost Cause
1:09 Plays after Polly breaks up with Reuben. He goes back to his new empty house and calls Polly.
Dead Melodies
0:16 Charlie and Amelia are talking in the car before Charlie drops her off.
He's A Mighty Good Leader
0:59 after Mr. Sir gets angry when a kid asks him what happened to his face
1:33 Peter's groomsmen are revealed. They walk out in slow motion.
0:40 After Remy's first job back after his heart operation. Playing in the bar 'Montego Bay' as he tells them how it went.
Strange Invitation
1:36 Jamies goes after Maggie and drives after her bus on the highway.
1:17 Plays at the house party as John goes to find Sarah and say goodbye.
0:41 Montage as Pat watches tv in the bar. Sharron is at the office, and Jeff follows Kevin Kandy at the laser tag.
0:57 Pete and Ben are shopping in a music store
Ramona (Acoustic Version)
Garbage Truck (Bonus Track)
Threshold (Bonus Track)
Summertime (Bonus Track)
Shakey Ground
0:42 Song in the van before it breaks down.
Back to You (Instrumental Version)
0:58 Song plays after Adam and Mia have a fight; cuts to the hospital and continues back at home and school.