The Crystal Method

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Name Of The Game Tropic Thunder
0:17 They're flying right above the jungle in the helicopter and land in a clearing.
The Name of the Game (The Crystal Method\'s Big A** T.T. Mix) Tropic Thunder
1:33 Second song during end credits.
Now Is The Time Zoolander
1:10 Derek is introduced into the Derelict fashion show.
Realizer The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Acetone Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
Roll It Up The Longest Yard
Busy Child Gone in 60 Seconds
Sine Language (Metasyn Remix) [feat. LMFAO] Skyline
The American Way Skyline
Roll It Up Fast and Furious 6
1:04 Dom arrives at the street dance. First song as the girls dance.
Name of the Game Blade II
1:31 Song as Blade rises out of the pool of blood and fights all the guards.
Busy Child Lost In Space
Last song in end credits.
Single Barrel (Sling the Decks) Lucy