Theodore Shapiro

Featured in the following...

Gothic Monsters
You're My Brother
1:36 3rd song in end credits.
Four Leaf's Plan
Enter the Dragons
Bad Feeling About This
Flaming Dragons
The Golden Triangle
A Night At the Theatre
Don't Judge Me
Portnoy's Plan
The Wet Offensive
Shadow Me, Pinocchio
Breakdown Under
Blow the Bridge
Simple Jack Trailer
Satan's Alley
Cue Bill Conti
Original music to Marley and Me
Parents of Two
Off and Running
The Hardest Job
Walking the Plank
Obedience School
Two Year Montage
Moving to Boca
First Sleepless Night
When It's Time
Off to Ireland
Lost In the Rain
All Good Dogs
Evil With a Dog Face
No Regular Dog
Jen Says Goodbye
It All Runs Together
Slice and Dice
Blades of Glory
Slice and Dice On Ice
Capture the Dream
Freight Train from Hell
Icy Hot Superslide
The Family Plot
The Iron Lotus
Ready to Make History
The Illustrated Man
Grublets On Ice!
The Human Onion
Stranz and Fairchild
Cruel Bitch Mother
World Wintersport
Breaking the Ice
Mitch's Theme
Change Up Piano / Jamie Cries
The Skipperling Tattoo, Pt. 1
The Change-Up
Suite from the Devil Wears Prada
Prelude to a Schmuck
The Collector's Club
Penguin and Possum
Where Are They Now?
Don't Stop Asking
The Naughty Purse
Tower of Dreamers
Main Title
Hunters & Gatherers
The Forbidden Fruit
The Jackal Dance
Hat Burner
Flight from the Village
Yak Attack
The House of Adam
Looking for Abel
Meet the Hebrews
Wine and Spongecake
Zed and Lilith
Abraham and Isaac
Sargon Attacks
Reading the Entrails
Virgin Sacrifice
The Gates of Sodom
Welcome to Sodom
The Holy of Holies
The Royal Orgy
A Royal Reprieve
The Chosen Ones
Opening score music.
Love and Work
Late For Everything
Interns Get Started
Grown Up Conversation
Facebook Friends
Ben and Fiona
I Spy Something Green
San Francisco
To the Airport
Intern Slash Best Friend
Breathe Deeply Jules
Bieber Chase
Who Was Derek Zoolander?
Get Your Boy Back
Change Is Coming
Too Convenient
Two-Masted Boat
Into the Belly of the Beast
Mugatu's Escape
Death of Atari
The IncrediBALL
Blood of Steve
Shut Up, Valentino
Poodle Bomb
All's Well That Ends Well
The Universe Shall Bend
The Power of Patty Compels You