Pearl Jam

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Love, Reign O'er Me
1:52 Charlie leaves Johnson his scoooter and Johnson rides home on it. Plays into end credits.
Man of the Hour
End credits.
0:59 Eric leaves the house and rides off on his bike. He gets off and stands on the side of the bridge.
Yellow Ledbetter
1:35 Last song when Katherine comes over to Adam's house. Plays into end credits.
Here's to the State (Live)
No More (Live)
State of Love and Trust
0:08 Cut to Linda and Debbie at club saying, \"We will always go out dancing...\" then Linda sees guy who supposedly left for Spain.
0:38 Pan of naked pictures on Cliff\\\'s wall before Jane asks him if her breasts are too small
The End
Unthought Known
0:03 First and only song, opening credits.
0:31 First song at the bar, they are introduced to Penny.
Nothing As It Seems