Steve Miller Band

Featured in the following...

Quicksilver Girl The Big Chill
0:58 Richard is asleep on the couch, while Nick and Meg try on shoes
Jet Airliner Greenberg
0:02 First song at the start of the movie. Opening credits. Florence is driving in the car and running errands.
Abracadabra The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
0:08 Song as it cuts 10 years into the future as the incredible Burt & Anton. They introduce themselves on stage.
Jet Airliner Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
1:30 Last song, plays into end credits.
Fly Like an Eagle 1 Need For Speed
As Maverick Sings This is the song he sings along with Just after Tobey and Maverick Scared Julia.
True Fine Love Blended
0:01 First song at the Hooters restaurant.
Space Cowboy 1 Parenthood
Season 6 : Episode 7 - These Are the Times We Live In
Rock'n Me