The Band

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The Weight Easy Rider
0:19 Still riding the bikes, after the gas station
Sleeping The Brothers Bloom
Baby Don't You Do It The Dilemma
0:01 First song as the movie opens at the restaurant.
The Weight This is 40
1:50 Pete & Debbie argue with each others fathers.
I Shall Be Released Everything Must Go
1:32 Song plays at the end of the movie as Nick hugs Samantha. Plays into the end credits.
The Weight Girl, Interrupted
The Weight Starsky and Hutch
The Weight 1 The Big Chill
1:01 Meg makes herself some coffee and smokes a cigarette in the kitchen, Nick and Meg try on shoes
The Weight 1408
0:10 Playing in the cafe while Mike is going through his mail. He recieves a postcard telling him not to enter 1408.
When I Paint My Masterpiece Observe and Report
The Weight Oblivion
The Weight Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes
Played at gas station, after power is re-established.
Up On Cripple Creek And So It Goes