The Band

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The Weight Easy Rider
0:19 Still riding the bikes, after the gas station
Sleeping The Brothers Bloom
Baby Don't You Do It The Dilemma
0:01 First song as the movie opens at the restaurant.
The Weight This is 40
1:50 Pete & Debbie argue with each others fathers.
I Shall Be Released Everything Must Go
1:32 Song plays at the end of the movie as Nick hugs Samantha. Plays into the end credits.
The Weight Girl, Interrupted
The Weight Starsky and Hutch
The Weight The Big Chill
1:01 Meg makes herself some coffee and smokes a cigarette in the kitchen, Nick and Meg try on shoes
The Weight 1408
0:10 Playing in the cafe while Mike is going through his mail. He recieves a postcard telling him not to enter 1408.
When I Paint My Masterpiece Observe and Report
The Weight Oblivion
The Weight Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes
Played at gas station, after power is re-established.
Up On Cripple Creek And So It Goes