Canned Heat

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Let\'s Work Together Big Fish
Edward helps Norther rob a bank.
Going Up The Country Meet the Fockers
On the Road Again The Bucket List
1:06 The two carry on their adventure and go to the Great Wall of China
Let\'s Work Together 1 Forrest Gump
Let's Work Together Invincible
Going Up The Country The Blind Side
2:03 During the NFL draft where Michael is selected.
Going Up The Country Into the Wild
The song starts as Christopher gets out of the tent and later watches two guys water-skiing.
On the Road Again Sahara
On the Road Again Red 2
0:15 Song playing in the car after Marvin saves Frank.
Going Up the Country Tammy
0:14 Tammy and her grandma drive through the country drunk.
Let's Work Together And So It Goes
Let's Work Together Girls
Season 4 : Episode 9 - Daddy Issues