The Black Keys

Featured in the following...

The Breaks RocknRolla
When The Lights Go Out Black Snake Moan
0:01 Movie opens. Rae and Ronnie are having sex
Grown So Ugly Cloverfield
Set You Free I Love You, Man
0:43 Sidney plays this in his garage. Peter notices Sidney's 'jerk-off' station
Your Touch Life As We Know It
0:14 Song at Sophie's birthday party after they bring out the cake. Continues as Messer goes running in spring.
Just Couldn't Tie Me Down Aurora Borealis
10 A.M. Automatic The Go-Getter
Keep Me The Go-Getter
Keep Me Rest Stop
Girl Is On My Mind Rest Stop
If You Ever Slip The Hottest State
Chop and Change The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Plays briefly in the fim\'s opening.
I Got Mine The A-Team
0:27 The a-team are preparing for their operation. They gather together the necessary equipment. Faceman (Peck) flirts with a girl to get her access cards.
Heavy Soul MacGruber
0:12 When MacGruber says it's time to round up a real time. He uncovers his car before changing the song.
Howlin' for You 1 Limitless
0:23 After Eddie escapes with the pills. He counts his cash, takes a pill and walks down the street on a high. He gets a haircut, buys a suit and finishes
Tighten Up I Am Number Four
0:04 Song plays briefly at the start during the beach party bon fire.
She's Long Gone The Dilemma
0:59 Ronny stalks Geneva and takes photos of her.
Howlin' for You The Dilemma
0:42 Back at the garage after the hockey match.
Gold On the Ceiling 1 Battleship
0:10 Soccer match.
Heavy Soul Not Suitable for Children
First song, movie opens on the party.
Just Got to Be Not Suitable for Children
0:13 First song playing at the next party they host.
Girl Is On My Mind Not Suitable for Children
1:27 Jonah is wheeled off to his operation after Stevie kisses him. First song during end credits.
I Got Mine The Watch
1:18 They go to Franklin\'s house to get all his guns and weapons.
Gold On the Ceiling The Campaign
0:02 First song as Cam Brady addresses multiple groups as \'this nations backbone\'.
Gold On the Ceiling 1 Drift
0:53 Song after the open up the new store and go surfing.
Tighten Up 1 Spring Breakers
0:08 Song at the house party.
Nobody But You The Lookout
Set You Free The School of Rock
1:04 Dewey takes Principal Mullins to the bar for a drink. She asks how Horace Green compares to other schools.
Your Touch Zombieland
1:19 After Columbus saves Wichita and Little Rock from the Blast Off ride. Columbus and Wichita kiss and they go find Tallahassee.
Lonely Boy Warm Bodies
Lonely Boy Warm Bodies
I Got Mine Homefront
0:07 First song during opening credits.
Heavy Soul Bad Words
0:05 Song as Guy runs out of the spelling bee with angry parents chasing him.
Keep Me 2 Neighbors
1:11 Song mixed with 'Get Ur Freak On' at the start of the frat party.
She's Long Gone Boyhood
1:50 First song at the party after the game.
Money Maker Suits
Season 2 : Episode 13 - Zane vs Zane
Unknown Brother Parenthood
Season 2 : Episode 16 - Amazing Andy And His Wonderful World Of Bugs
Strange Times The Vampire Diaries
Season 1 : Episode 3 - Friday Night Bites
Tighten Up The Vampire Diaries
Season 2 : Episode 6 - Plan B
Lonely Boy The Vampire Diaries
Season 3 : Episode 12 - The Ties That Bind
Fever iZombie
Season 1 : Episode 1 - Pilot
I Got Mine Tomorrowland