The Black Keys

Featured in the following...

When The Lights Go Out
0:01 Movie opens. Rae and Ronnie are having sex
Grown So Ugly
0:43 Sidney plays this in his garage. Peter notices Sidney's 'jerk-off' station
0:14 Song at Sophie's birthday party after they bring out the cake. Continues as Messer goes running in spring.
Just Couldn't Tie Me Down
10 A.M. Automatic
Girl Is On My Mind
If You Ever Slip
Plays briefly in the fim\'s opening.
0:27 The a-team are preparing for their operation. They gather together the necessary equipment. Faceman (Peck) flirts with a girl to get her access cards.
Heavy Soul
0:12 When MacGruber says it's time to round up a real time. He uncovers his car before changing the song.
Howlin' for You
0:23 After Eddie escapes with the pills. He counts his cash, takes a pill and walks down the street on a high. He gets a haircut, buys a suit and finishes his book.
0:04 Song plays briefly at the start during the beach party bon fire.
She's Long Gone
0:59 Ronny stalks Geneva and takes photos of her.
Gold On the Ceiling
0:10 Soccer match.
Unknown Brother
I'm Not The One
0:13 First song playing at the next party they host.
Nobody But You