The Doors

Featured in the following...

Light My Fire Cast Away
Chuck sings this song on the island where he just build this huge fire, and he's dancing around it.
Soul Kitchen 1 Forrest Gump
Hello, I Love You 2 Forrest Gump
People Are Strange 1 Forrest Gump
Break On Through (To The Other Side) 1 Forrest Gump
Love Her Madly 1 Forrest Gump
Jenny, shown with a black eye, is leaving what appears to be an abusive boyfriend.
Touch Me The School of Rock
The song Dewey gets Lawrence to play on the piano/keyboard. Dewey sings along.
Moonlight Drive Less Than Zero
Break On Through Jarhead
Peace Frog The Waterboy
Roadhouse Blues Girl, Interrupted
The End 1 Apocalypse Now
Plays at the beginning and at the end of the film.
People Are Strange The Watch
0:56 Montage as they all start suspecting everyone of being an alien.
Hello, I Love You Platoon
Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) The World's End
0:43 They walk to the Good Companions after deciding to finish the golden mile; the whole town stares at them.
Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) The World's End
People Are Strange Deliver Us from Evil
Riders On the Storm Deliver Us from Evil
Break On Through (To the Other Side) Deliver Us from Evil