John Lee Hooker

Featured in the following...

Mama You Got A Daughter City of Angels
Highway 13 Hancock
I'm In The Mood Hancock
Serves You Right To Suffer Hancock
Hoogie Boogie Extract
0:14 After Cindy sells the stolen guitar. Plays as she leaves the store briefly.
I'm Wanderin' Barney's Version
0:15 Barney is chopping up vegetables when he finds the letter from Clara on the table.
Boom Boom The Wolf of Wall Street
0:56 Noami tells Jordan they're not going to be friends. They drive home together after their dinner.
No Shoes American Gangster
0:47 Frank calls his brother and tells him to get the family together at 6pm.
Unfriendly Woman True Detective
Season 1 : Episode 2 - Seeing Things
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer True Detective
Season 1 : Episode 2 - Seeing Things
Crawlin' King Snake Fargo
Season 1 : Episode 3 - A Muddy Road
Crazy About That Walk The Originals
Season 2 : Episode 7 - Chasing the Devils Tale
You Know, I Know True Blood
Season 5 : Episode 10 - Gone Gone Gone