Public Enemy

Featured in the following...

Can't Do Nuttin' for Ya Man Chasing Amy
Lost at Birth The Wackness
Bring the Noise Less Than Zero
Fight the Power Jarhead
What What Scary Movie
Louder Than a Bomb Hot Tub Time Machine
0:18 They're drinking in the hot tub.
Harder Than You Think End of Watch
0:08 First song as Brian and Mike patrol the neighbourhood.
Lost at Birth Pineapple Express
1:22 Dale and Red stock themselves with guns to get Saul back.
Bring the Noise Singles
Can't Truss It American Gangster
2:47 Frank is released from prison. Song is heard in the streets. Plays into end credits.
Catch the Thrown (feat. Large Professor & Cormega) Orange is the New Black
Season 1 : Episode 6 - WAC Pack
Louder Than a Bomb Hot Tub Time Machine 2