Black Sabbath

Featured in the following...

Paranoid We Are Marshall
Sweet Leaf Almost Famous
0:32 Stillwater is leaving the concert when Russell invites William to LA and gives Penny a message. William says goodbye to everyone.
Paranoid Almost Famous
0:20 Song when William gets dropped off at the rock show.
Iron Man Iron Man 2
Featured in the extended trailer for Iron Man 2
Into the Void Dogtown and Z-Boys
Paranoid Dogtown and Z-Boys
Time Machine Wayne's World
It's Alright It's Kind of a Funny Story
1:25 Noelle kisses Craig on the cheek after she asks him to see Vampire Weekend with her. Craig narrates and they kiss on the rooftop.
Paranoid Dark Shadows
0:55 Barnabas talks to Carolyn in her room about trying to get with Victoria.
N.I.B. The Hangover Part III
1:12 Phil and Alan walk through Chows hotel room.
Iron Man Lords of Dogtown
Iron Man Iron Man
Iron Man The School of Rock
0:20 The first song Dewey tests Zack with on the electric guitar. Zack plays along to the riff.
Paranoid Any Given Sunday
Paranoid Dazed and Confused
War Pigs This Is the End
0:27 They get back inside the house and take an inventory of what supplies they have.
End of the Beginning This Is the End
1:41 End credits.
War Pigs / Luke's Wall 300: Rise of an Empire
1:28 End credits song.