Black Sabbath

Featured in the following...

Paranoid We Are Marshall
Sweet Leaf Almost Famous
0:32 Stillwater is leaving the concert when Russell invites William to LA and gives Penny a message. William says goodbye to everyone.
Paranoid Almost Famous
0:20 Song when William gets dropped off at the rock show.
Iron Man Iron Man 2
Featured in the extended trailer for Iron Man 2
Into the Void Dogtown and Z-Boys
Paranoid Dogtown and Z-Boys
Time Machine Wayne's World
It's Alright It's Kind of a Funny Story
1:25 Noelle kisses Craig on the cheek after she asks him to see Vampire Weekend with her. Craig narrates and they kiss on the rooftop.
Paranoid Dark Shadows
0:55 Barnabas talks to Carolyn in her room about trying to get with Victoria.
N.I.B. The Hangover Part III
1:12 Phil and Alan walk through Chows hotel room.
Iron Man Lords of Dogtown
Iron Man Iron Man
Iron Man The School of Rock
0:20 The first song Dewey tests Zack with on the electric guitar. Zack plays along to the riff.
Paranoid Any Given Sunday
Paranoid 1 Dazed and Confused
War Pigs This Is the End
0:27 They get back inside the house and take an inventory of what supplies they have.
End of the Beginning This Is the End
1:41 End credits.
War Pigs / Luke's Wall 300: Rise of an Empire
1:28 End credits song.
War Pigs Bloodline
Season 1 : Episode 10 - Part Ten