The Roots

Featured in the following...

The Seed 2.0 Collateral
The Anti-Circle High Fidelity
Here I Come The Karate Kid
0:13 Dre plays an old man in ping pong (table tennis) and loses.
Here I Come Step Up 3
1:25 World Jam finals. Samurai\'s second song.
Here I Come Superbad
1:23 Song as they arrive at the Jules party, Seth walks through the crowd in slow motion.
The 'Notic (feat. D'Angelo) Men in Black
Boom! Battle of the Year
0:43 Song as they continue training after Rooster and Flipz fight.
Boom! Battle of the Year
Here I Come Grudge Match
0:19 Dante arrives to the fight conference in his new yellow Porsche.