The Beach Boys

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0:27 Penny comes over to talk to William. She calls him mysterious.
Sail On, Sailor
0:46 Frank approaches the priests, he leaves them a note and leaves.
Sloop John B
Don't Worry Baby
Warmth Of The Sun
California Girls
Natalie meets Madison on the beach. They talk about the stakeout.
Little Saint Nick
1:13 It's christmas time. Quentin tells Carl his mother is coming.
When I Grow Up (To be a Man)
Heroes and Villains
0:03 Mr. and Mrs. Fox are running and jumping over obstacles to steal the chickens. Mrs. Fox tells Mr. Fox she's pregnant when they get trapped in the cage.
1:13 Camera scrolls down on the different rooms where the animals are now living. Mr. Fox grabs his family and takes them up the ladder to the supermarket.
0:46 They take the plane and arrive in Hawaii.
1:13 Eva searches Kevin's room.
Surfin' USA
0:27 Lee turns this on in Carter's car prompting Carter to say "oh hell no! You didn't just touch my goddamn radio!?"
God Only Knows
2:20 Amber films an ad for Buck\'s store. Rollergirl takes an exam. The Colonel is in prison. Maurice opens a new club. Reed does magic.
0:01 Dodge and Linda sit in the car as they listen to the \'end of the world\' news on the radio.
0:25 John is driving. The young girl in the car wont stop talking and sprays him. The police pull him over.