The Beach Boys

Featured in the following...

Feel Flows Almost Famous
0:27 Penny comes over to talk to William. She calls him mysterious.
Feel Flows Almost Famous
Sail On, Sailor The Departed
0:46 Frank approaches the priests, he leaves them a note and leaves.
Sloop John B 1 Forrest Gump
Don't Worry Baby Never Been Kissed
I Get Around Good Morning Vietnam
Warmth Of The Sun Good Morning Vietnam
Don't Worry Baby Good Morning Vietnam
California Girls Meet the Parents
Surfer Girl Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
Natalie meets Madison on the beach. They talk about the stakeout.
Little Saint Nick The Boat That Rocked
1:13 It's christmas time. Quentin tells Carl his mother is coming.
Wouldn't It Be Nice The Boat That Rocked
Wouldn't It Be Nice The Boat That Rocked
When I Grow Up (To be a Man) Without a Paddle
Heroes and Villains Fantastic Mr. Fox
0:03 Mr. and Mrs. Fox are running and jumping over obstacles to steal the chickens. Mrs. Fox tells Mr. Fox she's pregnant when they get trapped in
Ol' Man River Fantastic Mr. Fox
1:13 Camera scrolls down on the different rooms where the animals are now living. Mr. Fox grabs his family and takes them up the ladder to the
I Get Around Fantastic Mr. Fox
0:57 Mr. Fox is yelling/asking all his animal friends what skills they have when he is trying to organise a plan.
Hawaii Just Go With It
0:46 They take the plane and arrive in Hawaii.
In My Room We Need to Talk About Kevin
1:13 Eva searches Kevin's room.
Surfin' USA Rush Hour
0:27 Lee turns this on in Carter's car prompting Carter to say "oh hell no! You didn't just touch my goddamn radio!?"
California Girls Rush Hour 2
0:02 Carter and Lee sing this together in the car
California Girls Rush Hour 3
0:02 Lee's ringtone
God Only Knows Boogie Nights
2:20 Amber films an ad for Buck\'s store. Rollergirl takes an exam. The Colonel is in prison. Maurice opens a new club. Reed does magic.
Wouldn't It Be Nice Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
0:01 Dodge and Linda sit in the car as they listen to the \'end of the world\' news on the radio.
Good Vibrations It's All Gone Pete Tong
Surfin Safari American Graffiti
0:25 John is driving. The young girl in the car wont stop talking and sprays him. The police pull him over.
All Summer Long American Graffiti
1:50 ending credits
Good Vibrations Vanilla Sky
Help Me, Rhonda Mud
0:15 Neckbone is listening to this song on the porch when Ellis meets him after his dad drops him. Again in end credits.
I Get Around Alive Inside