Kanye West

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Can't Tell Me Nothing The Hangover
0:13 They arrive at Vegas and check-in to Caesar's.
Stronger Never Back Down
1:25 Jake gets ready to fight Ryan after he beats up Max. Plays as he enters \'The Beatdown\'.
Stronger The Hangover Part II
0:11 After the gang invites Alan to Thailand. They walk through the airport.
Monster The Hangover Part II
0:23 The wolf pack toast on the beach before their big night.
White Dress The Man With the Iron Fists
White Dress The Man With the Iron Fists
Dark Fantasy The Hangover Part III
1:34 Song as the four of them walk out for Alans wedding.
Jesus Walks Jarhead
All of the Lights The Bling Ring
0:35 First song after they steal the car with cocaine in it.
Power The Bling Ring
0:52 The five of them walk down the street in their new outfits. They go to Hiltons again.
Black Skinhead The Wolf of Wall Street