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Please Be Patient With Me Ghost Town
I Must Be High He's Just Not That Into You
0:59 2nd song that plays at the bar with Gigi and Alex. Alex is talking about 'the spark' and sharing his dating knowledge with Gigi.
Jesus, Etc. Funny People
2:11 Ira takes Daisy up to the view of the city. Ira and Daisy kiss.
How to Fight Loneliness Girl, Interrupted
What Light Bandslam
1:37 End of movie. Will is checking the bands Myspace page. David Bowie finally writes Will.
Airline to Heaven We Bought a Zoo
0:16 Benjamin (Matt Damon) is driving around with his realtor looking for new houses.
I Got You (At the End of the Century) This is 40
2:08 First song during end credits.
Hate It Here 1 Boyhood
1:08 Mason and his dad listen to this song in the car. He tells Mason what a great simple country song it is.
Whole Love
Wilco (The Song)
Open Mind
Jesus, Etc.
Far, Far Away