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Please Be Patient With Me
0:59 2nd song that plays at the bar with Gigi and Alex. Alex is talking about 'the spark' and sharing his dating knowledge with Gigi.
2:11 Ira takes Daisy up to the view of the city. Ira and Daisy kiss.
How to Fight Loneliness
What Light
1:37 End of movie. Will is checking the bands Myspace page. David Bowie finally writes Will.
Airline to Heaven
0:16 Benjamin (Matt Damon) is driving around with his realtor looking for new houses.
I Got You (At the End of the Century)
2:08 First song during end credits.
Hate It Here
1:08 Mason and his dad listen to this song in the car. He tells Mason what a great simple country song it is.
Whole Love
Wilco (The Song)
I'm The Man Who Loves You
How To Fight Loneliness
Black Moon
Dawned On Me
Please Be Patient with Me