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Paper Planes Hancock
Paper Planes (DFA Remix) Slumdog Millionaire
0:44 Follows Jamal and Salim through their endevours at the Taj Mahal. They take photos of people for money, give fake guided tours, steal peoples shoes
Paper Planes Slumdog Millionaire
0:38 Jamail and Salim are riding on top of the train, they start selling items and make some money. They try to steal food before getting pushed off the
Boyz Eat Pray Love
Bad Girls 1 Step Up Revolution
0:34 Sean brings Emily along to introduce her to the mob.
Bad Girls Identity Thief
0:01 First song as Diana steals Sandys identity.
Paper Planes Pineapple Express
Played in trailer
Bad Girls The Heat
Paper Planes This Is the End
0:43 Song plays during the making of the homemade sequel of Pineapple Express.
Bad Girls The Bling Ring
0:31 Song playing in the car when they leave the club. They get hit by another car.
Bad Girls Vampire Academy
0:01 First song as the girls ask there father to turn it up in the car.
It Takes a Muscle Parenthood
Season 2 : Episode 1 - I Hear You I See You
Bad Girls
Boyz Dumb and Dumber To
Bad Girls Son of a Gun