The Fratellis

Featured in the following...

Baby Fratelli Hot Fuzz
0:19 The officers go down to the pub for lunch on Nicholas\'s first day.
Solid Gold Easy Action Hot Fuzz
1:51 Second song during end credits.
Chelsea Dagger She's Out Of My League
0:19 Second song playing at the bar when Kirk and Stainer meet up with Molly. Plays during the hockey game.
Chelsea Dagger The Dilemma
0:41 Song at the hockey game as Ronny confronts Geneva.
Chelsea Dagger Pitch Perfect
1:20 Jesse is listening to this song on his headphones while Beca tries to get him to open his door.
Chelsea Dagger Run, Fatboy, Run
0:25 Dennis decides to go for a run outside his apartment and tires instantly.