Mandy Moore

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0:09 Jamie (Mandy Moore) sings this song with a choir at school church.
It's Gonna Be Love
0:57 Landon puts the butterfly tattoo on Jamie's shoulder in the car.
0:37 Jamie (Mandy Moore) sings this song on stage during the musical drama.
1:34 Final scenes as Landon overlooks the water. Plays into end credits.
When Will My Life Begin
0:05 Rapunzel sings in the morning as she cleans her tower with Pascal her chameleon.
When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 1)
When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 2)
0:29 Rapunzel looks out of her tower after Flynn promises her to take her to the lights. She jumps out and falls down her hair onto grass for the first time.
I've Got a Dream
0:38 The thugs sing this song in the pub after they try to abduct Flynn. Rapunzel saves him and asks them if they've ever had a dream.
Healing Incantation
0:51 Rapunzel heals Flynn's hand around the camp fire.
The Tear Heals
1:26 Rapunzel sheds a tear onto Flynn and heals him.
One Way or Another