Cypress Hill

Featured in the following...

Dr. Greenthumb Pineapple Express
0:20 Dales ringtone
Insane in the Brain 8 Mile
Rabbit and the guys arrive at the car park where people are rap battling.
Loco En El Coco Cop Out
1:21 Poh Boy pulls up to talk to Gabriella but she spits in his face.
Hits from the Bong Hall Pass
0:33 They get high at the golf course. Fred and Rick sit in the gold buggy talking about soap.
Rise Up (feat. Tom Morello) Zero Dark Thirty
1:20 Maya is sitting at the bar drinking when Jack brings her a phone.
Insane in the Brain Scary Movie 2
1:05 Hanson removes the top of Shorty's head/scalp.
Insane in the Brain Fun with Dick and Jane
Cock the Hammer Last Action Hero
When the Sh-- Goes Down 1 This Is the End
0:33 Danny McBride wakes up the following morning, he cooks all the food.
Insane In the Brain The Wolf of Wall Street
0:50 First song at Jordans huge house party.
How I Could Just Kill a Man 1 Ride Along
0:18 James imagines shooting Ben in the chest.
When the Shit Goes Down Hello Ladies
Season 1 : Episode 1 - Pilot
Insane In the Brain Hindsight
Season 1 : Episode 4 - A Very Important Date
Insane In the Brain Pitch Perfect 2
How I Could Just Kill a Man Crossroads