Van Halen

Featured in the following...

1:41 Fogell and the cops fo doughnuts in the police car in a parking lot, Officer Slater sings to it
Everybody Wants Some
0:30 Columbus and Tallahassee find the yellow hummer/vortex V8 and big guns in the back seat. Tallahassee takes some time to shoot the guns in the air. They drive off to this song.
Feel Your Love Tonight
0:51 Montage as the Green Hornet start featuring in the newspaper as they start fighting crime on Chudnofsky's turf.
Dance the Night Away
Everybody arrives in costume at a party to go over the planned fake movie.
Little Guitars
0:59 Pete walks into his record studio upset and yells at Ronnie about the CD sales.
(Oh) Pretty Woman
1:18 Queen Elizabeth gifts Stuart with an electric guitar.