Van Halen

Featured in the following...

Panama Superbad
1:41 Fogell and the cops fo doughnuts in the police car in a parking lot, Officer Slater sings to it
Everybody Wants Some Zombieland
0:30 Columbus and Tallahassee find the yellow hummer/vortex V8 and big guns in the back seat. Tallahassee takes some time to shoot the guns in the air.
Feel Your Love Tonight The Green Hornet
0:51 Montage as the Green Hornet start featuring in the newspaper as they start fighting crime on Chudnofsky's turf.
Dance the Night Away Argo
Everybody arrives in costume at a party to go over the planned fake movie.
Little Guitars This is 40
0:59 Pete walks into his record studio upset and yells at Ronnie about the CD sales.
Runnin With The Devil Ready to Rumble
(Oh) Pretty Woman Weird Science
Dance the Night Away Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
0:52 The news team are re hired after their high ratings.