Lyle Workman

Featured in the following...

Funk McLovin
1:54 During end credits.
Super What?
Seth Pulls Into Lot
Cops See Fogel's ID / Seth Saves Evan
Flashback Party Weekend
Evan Runs
Sleeping Bags
Like a Pimp
0:32 The theme song to Sarah Marshall's show, 'Blind Medicine'
1:02 Song playing when Sylvia walks into the warehouse and sees the men who took her.
1:10 Song that plays when Doc and Val bury Hirsch then head to the diner for steak.
Church Always Open
1:16 Val and Doc leave the diner after Claphands threatens Alex, they go to a church.
Stand Up Guys
I Was Painting You
Chew Gum Or Kick Ass
My Favorite Car
Insane Copay Blues
Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye
Life Full of Not Good Ideas
Mount Everest Moved In
Accidents Can Happen
Witness To Our Lives
Skedaddle Down the Road
Early Bird Special
My Only Friend
All Out of Mercy
No Crying For You
The Jacket
The Disappearing Audience
Happy Birthday Little Man
You Aint Seen Nothing Yet
Lets Do This Show Forever
Everybody Loves a Magician
American Reunion