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Cut Chemist Suite 21 Grams
0:57 Playing in the club/pub as Paul (Sean Penn) follows Cristina (Naomi Watts) in there.
Cumbia De Los Muertos 21 Grams
Cuando Canto The Heartbreak Kid
After Party The Heartbreak Kid
Como Ves Any Given Sunday
Magnolia Soul Get Him to the Greek
Nadas Por Free Piranha
0:37 Song back on Derricks boat. They're doing tequila body shots off Crystal's body. Jake does one off of Kelly before she vomits over the side.
Cumbia De Los Muertos Never Been Kissed
Cut Chemist Suite Never Been Kissed
Saturday Night Dear John
After Party Fired Up!
0:56 Nick decides to stay at the cheer camp to help Shawn.
Donde Se Fueron? Runner Runner
0:40 Richie takes the client out on the boat when the girls come on board.
Here We Go