Norah Jones

Featured in the following...

The Long Day Is Over 1 American Wedding
Turn Me On Love Actually
1:04 Carl and Sarah dance at the Christmas party. They drive back to Sarah's place.
The Nearness Of You Two Weeks Notice
Come Away With Me Maid in Manhattan
Don't Know Why Maid in Manhattan
World of Trouble The Hottest State
Everybody Needs a Best Friend Ted
0:07 Plays in the opening credits of the film during a montage of John and Ted throughout the years.
Come Away With Me Ted
1:07 Rex and Lori attend a Norah Jones concert.
Always Judging This is 40
It Was the Last Thing On Your Mind They Came Together
0:46 Montage as Molly and Joel start dating and spending all their time together.
Even Though Parenthood
Season 1 : Episode 2 - Man Versus Possum