John Murphy

Featured in the following...

Fire Bombing London 28 Weeks Later
1:03 Eerie music as London is bombed. Aerial shots of London burning.
Don Abandons Alice 28 Weeks Later
0:08 Don escapes from the house. He leaves Alice behind and is chased along the river. He gets in a boat and escapes.
Welcome to Britain 28 Weeks Later
0:10 Goes through timeline of the Virus in london. Aerial shots of London are shown.
Bullet from a Gun 28 Weeks Later
0:24 Flynn is listening to this song in the helicopter before Doyle tries to scare him.
Theme 3 (End Credits) 28 Weeks Later
1:32 2nd theme song during the end credits.
Helicopter Chase 28 Weeks Later
1:13 The helicopter follows Doyle and cuts up the zombies.
In the House - In a Heartbeat 28 Weeks Later
0:54 The snipers take out everyone from the top of the buildings.
28 Theme 28 Weeks Later
Fire-Bombing London 28 Weeks Later
Theme 7 28 Weeks Later
Walk to Regents Park 28 Weeks Later
Kiss of Death 28 Weeks Later
London Deserted 28 Weeks Later
Go Go Go 28 Weeks Later
Theme 2 28 Weeks Later
Knock-Knock - Cottage Attack 28 Weeks Later
Night Watch 28 Weeks Later
Code Red 28 Weeks Later
Going Home 28 Weeks Later
Tammy Kills Her Dad 28 Weeks Later
Crowd Breaks Out 28 Weeks Later
Outbreak 28 Weeks Later
Leaving England 28 Weeks Later
In the House - In a Heartbeat 28 Days Later
The Beginning 28 Days Later
Rage 28 Days Later
The Church 28 Days Later
Jim’s Parents (Abide With Me) 28 Days Later
Then There Were 2 28 Days Later
Tower Block 28 Days Later
Taxi (Ave Maria) 28 Days Later
The Tunnel 28 Days Later
No More Films 28 Days Later
Jim’s Dream 28 Days Later
In Paradisum (Faure's Requiem in D minor) 28 Days Later
Frank’s Death - Soldiers (Requiem In D Minor) 28 Days Later
I Promised Them Women 28 Days Later
The Search for Jim 28 Days Later
Red Dresses 28 Days Later
End Credits 28 Days Later
The End 28 Days Later
Leaving Rasul's Kick-Ass
0:39 Score that plays as Hit Girl and Kick Ass leave Rasuls apartment
Safehouse/Ambush Kick-Ass
1:15 Big Daddy and Hit Girl plan to meet Kick-Ass at safehouse B. Big Daddy gets ready in front of the mirror.
Nightvision Kick-Ass
1:23 Hit Girl uses Night Vision to kill of D'Amicos men during the live execution.
Strobe (Adagio in D Minor) Kick-Ass
1:24 Big Daddy is set on fire while Hit Girl uses her strobe light to finish killing the rest of the men.
The Corridor Kick-Ass
1:34 Hit Girl is hiding behind the podium after exiting the elevator, before killing all the men in the corridor.
Welcome to Icarus II Sunshine
Kanada's Death, Pt. 2 (Adagio In D Minor) Sunshine
Kanada's Death, Pt. 1 Sunshine
Freezing Inside: Mace Sunshine
Capa Suits Up Sunshine
Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor) Sunshine
Capa's Jump Sunshine
Adagio in D Minor (2012 Remaster) The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
Adagio in D Minor (Orchestra Mix) X-Men: Days of Future Past