Snow Patrol

Featured in the following...

First song in the end credits.
You're All I Have
2nd song in end credits.
Open Your Eyes
The police break into Annie's locker and find the jewelery. They arrest Annie.
Shut Your Eyes
0:33 Will takes Ronnie to work with him at the aquarium. He pulls her in to the water.
1:37 Montage after Danny and Palmer announce they're getting married.
Just Say Yes
0:45 Song playing in the coffee shop as Rick tries to hit on the girl. He embarrasses himself by confusing the song with the movie Snow Dogs.
When Love Breaks Down
Crack The Shutters
The Weight Of Love
How to Be Dead
I Won't Let You Go
2:13 Third song during end credits.
Tell Me It's Ok
I Wear Your Heart on My Sleeve