Hank Williams

Featured in the following...

Honky Tonkin
0:36 Song in the Camaro with Alice. Plays very briefly while Sam is banging the radio.
My Heart Would Know
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
0:57 Tallahassee is teaching Little Rock how to shoot in Bill Murrays house.
Cool Water
0:39 The town comes out at noon and dances for water.
Take These Chains from My Heart
0:08 Scout Master Ward calls the Island Police office to talk to Captain Sharp. Playing on the radio.
0:15 Sam is canoeing down the stream as he treks towards Suzy.
Long Gone Lonesome Blues
0:29 Plays in the police car as Captain Sharp drops Walt off.
0:32 They begin the search for Suzy in the fields. They find a tin of cat food.
0:53 Sam has dinner with Captain Sharp in his caravan.
Cold, Cold Heart
0:56 Playing in Captain Sharps car as Laura tells him its over.
First song as movie opens.
I Saw the Light
Move It on Over
Hey, Good Lookin'