Brian Tyler

Featured in the following...

Fourth Floor (Score)
The Fast and the Furious - Tokyo Drift
War Machine
Attack on 10880 Malibu Point
Dive Bombers
New Beginnings
The Mandarin
Heat and Iron
The Mechanic
Another Lesson from the Mandarin
Battle Finale
Can You Dig It (Iron Man 3 Main Titles)
The Expendables
Ravens and Skulls
The Gulf of Aden
Scanning the Enemy
Losing His Mind
Take Your Money
Giant With a Shotgun
Mayhem and Finale
Assembling the Team
Mad Skills
Fast Five Suite
The Perfect Crew
Cristo Redentor
Train Heist
Remote Intel
Showdown On the Rio Niteroi
Tapping In
Turning Point
Surveillance Montage
Enemy of My Enemy
Tego and Rico
Hobbs Arrives
Finding the Chip
What Time Do They Open?
Dom vs. Hobbs
Bus Busting
Cheeky Bits
The Vault Heist
Full Circle
Fast Five Coda
The Final Destination
Nick's Google Theory
Stay Away from Water
Sushi for Everyone
You Can't Dodge Fate
The Final Destination Suite
Rambo Theme
No Rules of Engagement
The Rescue
Searching for Missionaries
Hunting Mercenaries
Crossing Into Burma
The Village
Rambo Returns
When You Are Pushed
The Call to War
Prison Camp
Attack On the Village
Rambo Takes Charge
The Compound
Battle Adagio
Rambo Main Title
Rambo End Title
Now You See Me
The Four Horsemen
Now You See Me (Reprise)
Now You Don't
Sleight of the Mind
Now You See Me (Robert DeLong Remix)
Welcome to the Eye
Now You See Me (Spellbound Remix)
Into the Storm
Titus Versus the Tornado
Humanity Arising
Prelude To Phenomenon
The Fire Tornado
Evacuation and Interception
We Stand Together
Multiple Vortices
Remembrance and Regret
Readying For Incoming Storm
The Power of Nature
Stonebanks Lives
Descent Into War
Infiltrating the Block
Galgo's Grand Entrance
Package Secured
We Were Brothers
The Last Window
Valet Parking Done Right
Moral Chess Game
Armored Freaking Transport
Operation Ramsey