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Remember Me
Seperate Ways (Worlds Apart)
Beginning of the movie. Carl's (Jim Carrey) ringtone on his phone.
After The Fall
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
0:19 First song when Sam turns on all the video game machines at the Flynn's game arcade.
Don't Stop Believing
Lee and Selby are skating at the roller rink and kiss for the first time.
Don't Stop Believin'
0:50 Jensen (Evans) enters the building pretending to be a bike messenger singing on his ipod. It continues after he knocks out the security guard and tries to run out of the office.
Who's Crying Now
0:22 Playing on the radio of "gym-nasty"s convertible.
The Party's Over
1:08 Marcus (David Spade) is drinking around the fire while trying to get everyone to do shots with him.
Any Way You Want It
1:29 Song at the James Polk reunion. The guys try to get with older ladies.
1990's Theme
0:01 Playing in the background at Flynn's as a customer plays the Light Cycle game.
Only Solutions
0:16 Playing as Lora and Alan enter Flynn's arcade (and playing again five minutes later as they discuss breaking into Encom.)
1:19 Ricky falls in love with Susan after her motivational speech