Max Richter

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On the Nature of Daylight Stranger Than Fiction
0:21 Harold destroys his apartment in search of the voice.
On the Nature of Daylight Disconnect
1:22 Violin song during montage of all the different characters.
Written On the Sky Disconnect
1:50 Second song during end credits.
Find Schumaker Disconnect
Love Slave Disconnect
Zero Balance Disconnect
Clone the Hard Drive Disconnect
Pursuit Disconnect
Hospital Disconnect
Running Disconnect
The Report Disconnect
Arrival Disconnect
Drycleaner Disconnect
Break In Disconnect
Confrontation Disconnect
Afghanistan Disconnect
I Will Come and Get You Disconnect
The Gun Disconnect
Derek to El Paso Disconnect
Unwritten Disconnect
The Swimmer Disconnect
The Haunted Ocean, Pt. 1 Adore
Sarajevo Need For Speed
On the Nature of Daylight Shutter Island
On the Nature of Daylight Shutter Island
0:28 Music in the background during the dream as his wife turns to ash.