The Heavy

Featured in the following...

Coleen Mad Money
1:33 Plays over the last scene and the first half of the closing credits.
Big Bad Wolf The Losers
0:12 The losers are working in Bolivia after being betrayed. Plays during the cock fight.
How You Like Me Now The Fighter
0:03 First song as Micky and Dicky walk the streets.
How You Like Me Now This Means War
0:54 Tuck takes Lauren to skirmish.
Gotta Have It
How You Like Me Now Step Up Revolution
0:23 They start planning the next mob dance.
How You Like Me Now Grudge Match
1:24 Montage as they finish their training. Razor pulls a truck.
What Makes A Good Man? Grudge Match
1:38 Song plays during their main event fight.
How You Like Me Now Ride Along
Short Change Hero Brick Mansions