Katy Perry

Featured in the following...

Fingerprints Baby Mama
Hot n Cold The Ugly Truth
Opening credits
If You Can Afford Me When in Rome
0:45 Nick's friend, puck follows Beth secretly to see what she's like. Montage as all her followers try to win her over.
Firework Prom
1:26 Second song that plays at the prom.
Thinking of You
Use Your Love
Firework Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
1:05 They perform their first live circus show.
Firework De rouille et d'os (Rust and Bone)
0:20 Song during the killer whale show performance.
Hot N Cold American Pie Presents: Book of Love
0:07 First song at the aloha dance party.
Spiritual Vampire Academy
I Kissed a Girl Blended
1:26 The indian lady checks out Lauren as she walks down the stairs.
Hot n Cold Mean Girls 2
0:02 When "The Plastics" arrive at school in their car.
Roar Horrible Bosses 2