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Operate Mean Girls
0:24 Plays at the Halloween party. Regina talks to Aaron about Cady.
Boys Wanna Be Her Whip It
0:29 1st song during Bliss's first game against the widows.
Tent in Your Pants Young People Fucking
The song Kristen puts on while she's having sex with Matt.
Lovertits Young People Fucking
1:18 The Best Friends. Matt and Kristen lie in bed together and talk about how drunk they are.
Fuck the Pain Away Drive Angry 3D
0:08 After Piper (Amber Heard) quits her job and drives away. She sings it in her Charger just before it breaks down.
Boys Wanna Be Her American Reunion
0:10 Jim\'s neighbour walks out of the house.
Burst! Fast and Furious 6
0:52 Song briefly heard on the aerial shot after Letty leaves the garage when Shaw upsets her.
Mud The Vampire Diaries
Season 1 : Episode 2 - The Night of the Comet
Fuck the Pain Away True Blood
Season 6 : Episode 5 - Fuck the Pain Away
Do Ya The DUFF