Danny Elfman

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Introduction (Titles)
Movie opening
1:12 Edward is carving an ice sculpture while Kim dances.
The Simpson's Theme
Dr. Finklestein / In the Forest
Jack stumbles upon Christmastown and admires its various treasures.
Walk to Rasul's
0:34 Kick-Ass is walking the streets to Razul's apartment, he walks the corridor as the music builds
Victor's Piano Solo
0:07 Victor, tired of his parent's and in-laws bickering sits and plays the piano. Here he meets Victoria for the first time.
Doctor Finklestein / In the Forest
0:15 Victor ventures into the forest to recite his vows, and accidentally brings Emily, the Corpse Bride, back from the dead.
Casting a Spell
0:25 Emily chases the panicked Victor through the land of the dead.
0:26 Emily catches up with Victor, and the two reconcile and get to know each other better under the moon. Reprised as they enter the land of the living.
Victor's Deception
0:35 Victor lies to Emily about seeing his parents, instead he meets up with Victoria to tell her what has happened. Emily finds out and angrily drags him back to the underworld.
Victoria's Escape
0:42 Victoria escapes the Everglot residence in order to save Victor from the land of the dead.
The Piano Duet
0:48 Victor and Emily duet somberly on the piano, mending their relationship.
0:50 Victor's carriage driver dies and is sent to the land of the dead. Victor talks to him, discovering the marriage of Victoria to the slimey Lord Barkis.
Victoria's Wedding
0:52 Victoria is regrettably wed to the villainous Lord Barkis.
The Party Arrives
0:58 Victoria's dull wedding reception is interrupted as the dead reach the land of the living.
Victor's Wedding
1:02 Victor is set to be wed in the cathedral, but as Emily spies Victoria she has second thoughts.
Barkis's Bummer
1:05 Lord Barkis, enraged by Victoria's lack of dowry and Victor's attempt to marry her, crashes the wedding.
1:08 Emily can finally rest eternally as she leaves Victor and Victoria to be married.
End Credits Part 1
1:10 End Credits.
End Credits Part 2
1:17 End Credits.
According to Plan
0:02 The Van Dorts and Everglots muse about their children's arranged marriage, hoping everything will go "According to Plan".
Remains of the Day
0:19 Sung by Bojangles (Danny Elfman), the song recounts the tragic story of Emily.
The Wedding Song
0:55 The inhabitants of the underworld prepare for Victor and Emily's wedding.
Plays during intro credits as Victor's butterfly flys around London.
Into the Forest
2:00 End of the movie after they escape the country. The truth is revealed that Lara did not actually commit the murder.
Pittsburgh's Tough
Last Three Months
Dark Shadows Prologue
Opening scenes.
Vicki Enters Collinwood
Deadly Handshake
Barnabas Comes Home
Vicki's Nightmare
Killing Dr. Hoffman
Dumping the Body
Roger Departs
Burn Baby Burn / In-Tombed
The Angry Mob
House of Blood
Final Confrontation
Widows' Hill
More the End?
We Will End You!
Proposal / Down the Hole
Alice and Bayard's Journey
The Final Confrontation
Blood of the Jabberwocky
Birth of a Penguin, Pt. 1
Birth of a Penguin, Pt. 2
The Lair, Pt. 1
The Lair, Pt. 2
Selina Transforms, Pt. 1
Selina Transforms, Pt. 2
Batman vs. The Circus
The Rise and Fall from Grace, Pt. 1
The Rise and Fall from Grace, Pt. 2
Rooftops / Wild Ride, Pt. 1
Rooftops / Wild Ride, Pt. 2
The Children's Hour
The Final Confrontation, Pt. 1
The Final Confrontation, Pt. 2
The Finale Pt. 1
The Finale, Pt. 2
After Midnight
Roxie's Suite
Dead Presidents Theme (Music from the "Dead Presidents" Original Score)
Will Hunting (Main Titles) [Instrumental]
Weepy Donuts (Instrumental)
M.I.B. Main Theme
M.I.B. Closing Theme
Worm Lounge #1 (Worms In Black)
J Nabbed / K's Back
The Real Story
The Defense Begins
Worm Lounge #2
Titles Revisited
Men In Black 3 (Main Titles)
Goin' Back or Into the Past
Griffin Steps Up
The Prize-Monocycles
Boris Meets Boris
Under the Bridge
The Mission Begins
Mission Accomplished