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Push It 10 Things I Hate About You
0:45 Joey is talking to Bianca about his advertisement for hemorrhoid cream.
Shoop Clueless
0:03 Cher and Dionne watch as Murray approaches them in the school quad.
Upside Down (Round-N-Round) Space Jam
The NBA players fail at the New York game.
Shoop Something Borrowed
0:03 Darcy starts her speech and this song plays at the start of the slideshow.
Push It Something Borrowed
0:04 Plays during the slideshow as Darcy talks abot Rachel.
Push It Project X
0:29 Miles party bus arrives and girls pour out of it.
Push It End of Watch
1:02 Second song Janet and Brian dance to at their wedding.
Push It Hot Tub Time Machine
0:38 Nick has sex with Tara in the bath tub.
Push It Grandma's Boy
1:13 Samantha gets up to sing to this song. She passes out during though.
Push It 40 Year Old Virgin
0:22 Second song played in club when Jay is telling him to 'run down some drunk chicks'
Let\'s Talk About Sex The To Do List
0:28 Song playing in the car as the three girls talk about getting finger banged.
Push It August: Osage County
0:33 Song playing from the Red Ferrari as it pulls up next to them.
Push It In a World...
0:36 Song at the party as people start dancing.
Push It 1 Endless Love
0:20 Mace and Gwen dance to this song at the party.
None of Your Business Tammy
Whatta Man The Vampire Diaries
Season 6 : Episode 2 - Yellow Ledbetter
Push It Love, Rosie
0:31 Rosie's water breaks and they rush to get her out of the house and to the hospital.
None of Your Business Miss Congeniality