Alan Menken

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Fathoms Below The Little Mermaid
0:01 Eric is enjoying the sea trip. The sailors tell him about King Triton
Main Titles The Little Mermaid
0:02 Introduction of the underwater world. Merfolk is hurrying to the concert to King Triton's palace.
Fanfare The Little Mermaid
0:03 Harold The Seahorse announces King Triton's emergence, and then - Sebastian's.
Daughters Of Triton The Little Mermaid
0:05 Six daughters of Triton sing a song, at the end of which they find out that Ariel is not there.
Under The Sea The Little Mermaid
0:29 Sebastian tries to convince Ariel that it's better to live under the sea than in the human world.
Part Of Your World The Little Mermaid
0:15 In her secret grotto Ariel sings that she longs to be part of the human world.
Jig The Little Mermaid
0:19 Ariel is watching celebration of Eric's birthday.
The Storm The Little Mermaid
0:22 Eric's ship gets wrecked in the hurricane and he starts to drown. Ariel rescues him.
Part Of Your World (Reprise) The Little Mermaid
0:25 Ariel transports unconscious Eric ashore. She falls in love with him and dreams of being together.
Destruction Of The Grotto The Little Mermaid
0:35 When King Triton finds out that Ariel loves a human, he flies into a rage and destroys her grotto with Eric's statue.
Flotsam And Jetsam The Little Mermaid
0:36 Eels (sent by Sea Witch) try to seduce Ariel to visit Ursula.
Poor Unfortunate Souls The Little Mermaid
0:40 Ursula makes a deal with Ariel to transform her into a human for three days.
Les Poissons The Little Mermaid
0:52 In the Eric's house Chef Louis tries to cook up Sebastian into a stuffed crab.
Bedtime The Little Mermaid
0:55 Sebastian admonishes Ariel how to make Eric kiss her, but she falls asleep.
Tour Of The Kingdom The Little Mermaid
0:57 Ariel and Eric spend a day together. He gets more and more fond of her.
Kiss The Girl The Little Mermaid
0:59 Sebastian encourages Eric to kiss Ariel.
Wedding Announcement The Little Mermaid
1:05 Crying Ariel is left behind when the wedding barge departs.
Eric To The Rescue The Little Mermaid
1:11 Eric tries to help Ariel and in the end stabs Ursula with the bowsprit.
Happy Ending The Little Mermaid
1:15 With Ursula's death everyone get rid of her spells and turn into merfolk again. King Triton transforms Ariel into a human. Eric and Ariel get
Fireworks The Little Mermaid
The Storm The Little Mermaid
Tour of the Kingdom The Little Mermaid
The Virginia Company Pocahontas
0:01 A ship carrying British settlers from the Virginia Company sails for North America in search of gold
Ship At Sea Pocahontas
0:02 A storm erupts, and Smith saves Thomas's life when he falls overboard
Pocahontas Pocahontas
0:07 Nakoma cries to Pocahontas that her father is back and she jumps off the cliff to meet him sooner
Steady As The Beating Drum Pocahontas
0:05 Chief Powhatan's warriors return to their tribe
Grandmother Willow Pocahontas
0:14 She decides to ask the advice from a talking tree spirit named Grandmother Willow
Getting Acquianted Pocahontas
0:34 John Smith and Pocahontas talk. He tells her that they'll teach her people how to use this land, Pocahontas gets offended and tries to leave
Council Meeting Pocahontas
0:22 Kekata tells what he knows of White people
Percy's Bath Pocahontas
0:23 Meeko, Pocahontas's pet racoon, meets Percy (Ratcliffe's pet pug) at the ship
River's Edge Pocahontas
0:19 The settlers come ashore in Virginia, Pocahontas watches them
Ratcliff's Plan Pocahontas
John Smith Sneaks Out Pocahontas
0:52 John Smith gets out of the camp and Ratcliffe sends Thomas after him
Picking Corn Pocahontas
0:43 Powhatan wants Pocahontas and Nakoma to stay in the village
Skirmish Pocahontas
0:55 When John agrees to meet Pocahontas's father, she is so delighted that she hugs him. Both Kocoum and Thomas watch from the shadows as John and
Execution Pocahontas
1:05 Pocahontas throws herself over John, telling Powhatan that she loves John and that Powhatan must see where the path of hate has brought them, and
I'll Never See Him Again Pocahontas
0:59 Pocahontas comes to see captured John and says it all'd better never happen. John replies that he'd better die than live without knowing her
The Warriors Arrive Pocahontas
0:48 Warriors of other tribes arrive and the Chiefs want to attack the settlers and refuse to negotiate with them
Farewell Pocahontas
1:08 Pocahontas comes to bid John goodbye. She tells him she'll be with him forever no matter what happens
Flynn Wanted Tangled
0:16 Flynn is chased through the forrest as they try to retrieve his satchel.
Horse With No Rider Tangled
Escape Route Tangled
0:46 Flynn/Eugene and Rapunzel escape from the prison guards and the horse.
Kingdom Dance Tangled
1:01 Rapunzel arrives in the kingdom and see's pictures of her as the 'lost princess'. She starts dancing with all the people.
Waiting for the Lights Tangled
1:05 Flynn and Rapunzel sit and wait for the lantern light to appear in the sky.
Return to Mother Tangled
0:58 Mother Gossel schemes as she tries to get Rapunzel back.
Realization and Escape Tangled
1:17 Rapunzel realizes that her mother stole her as child. Continues as Flynn escapes from the prison with help from the thugs.
Kingdom Celebration Tangled
1:28 End of the movie as Flynn/Eugene narrates and the Kingdom celebrates.
Campfire Tangled
0:53 Rapunzel tells Flynn about her life and her mother as they sit around the camp fire.
Legend of the Lamp Aladdin
Street Urchins Aladdin
To Be Free Aladdin
Jafar's Hour Aladdin
The Ends of the Earth Aladdin
The Kiss Aladdin
On a Dark Night Aladdin
Jasmine Runs Away Aladdin
Marketplace Aladdin
The Cave of Wonders Aladdin
Aladdin's World Aladdin
The Battle Aladdin
Happy End In Agrabah Aladdin
Prologue: Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast
To the Fair Beauty and the Beast
West Wing Beauty and the Beast
The Beast Lets Belle Go Beauty and the Beast
Battle On the Tower Beauty and the Beast
Transformation Beauty and the Beast