Alexandre Desplat

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0:01 Opening credits
Bella dreams she's running and then that she's met her Granny, but the Gran turnes out to be she herself, while Edwars is still young
0:15 Jasper tries to attack Bella at her birthday party
0:09 The class is watching 'Romeo and Juliet'
0:12 Edward tells Bella about the Volturi
0:22 Edward tells Bella he's leaving with his family
0:44 Sam Uley and his gang jumping off the cliff
0:57 Jake tells Bella they can't be friends any more
0:59 Bella finds a clearing and recalls how she and Edward were lying there
1:00 Bella meets Laurent, he's going to kill her, but the wolves appear and chase him
1:04 Bella’s fear of Victoria bubbling up while talking to Charlie
1:25 Hugging Jacob in the car outside house, Jacob and Bella in her kitchen
1:20 Bella jumps off the cliff and starts to drown
1:31 Edward decides that Bella is dead. Alice and Bella hurry to Volterra to prevent him from committing suicide
1:39 Bella stops Edward and pushes him into the shadow
1:41 Felix, Demetri and then Jane appear and take Edward, Bella and Alice to the Volturi
1:52 Edward promises not to leave Bella. The Cullens vote for Bella's immortality
1:58 Jacob reminds Edward of the main point of the treaty. Bella asks him not to make her choose between them. Jake and Edward nearly fight but Bella stops them. Jake runs away and Edward proposes Bella
1:06 Jacob comes to Bella's bedroom to make amends and to remind her of the legend he had told her long ago
0:51 Bella and Jake talk outside the movie
Lionel and Bertie
The King's Speech
My Kingdom, My Rules
The King is Dead
Memories of Childhood
The Royal Household
Queen Elizabeth
Fear and Suspiscion
The Threat of War
The Heroic Weather-Conditions of the Universe, Pt. 1: A Veiled Mist
0:21 Sam and Suzy start their journey together as they trek through the woods.
The Heroic Weather-Conditions of the Universe, Pt. 2: Smoke/Fire
0:27 Sam and Suzy set up camp and make a fire.
The Heroic Weather-Conditions of the Universe, Pt. 3: The Salt Air
0:41 Sam and Suzy talk on the edge of the water at the old chicksaw migration trail.
The Heroic Weather-Conditions of the Universe, Pt. 4-6: Thunder, Lightning, and Rain
1:06 Sam and Suzy are married and leave the church. Continues as they chase Sam and the storm hits.
The Heroic Weather-Conditions of the Universe, Pt. 7: After the Storm
1:26 Second song during end credits.
A Spy In Tehran
Scent of Death
The Mission
Hotel Messages
Held Up By Guards
The Business Card
Breaking Through the Gates
Tony Grills the Six
The Six Are Missing
Drive to the Airport
Missing Home
Istanbul (The Blue Mosque)
Cleared Iranian Airspace
American Empirical Pictures
Mr. Fox In the Fields
Boggis, Bunce and Bean
Jimmy Squirrel and Co.
High-Speed French Train
Whack-Bat Majorette
Bean's Secret Cider Cellar
Kristofferson's Theme
Just Another Dead Rat In a Garbage Pail (Behind a Chinese Restaurant)
Great Harrowsford Square
Stunt Expo 2004
Mr. Fox In the Fields Medley
Side Car Escape
Looking for Cider
Whack-Bat Majorette Ensemble
Mr. Fox's Promenade
Kristofferson 2
Boggis Bunce and Bean (Reprise)
Mr. and Mrs. Fox
Choir Boys Farewell (To the Puppets)
Emergence of Life
Light & Darkness
Flight to Compound
Drive to Embassy
Northern Territories
Preparation for Attack
The Alpine Sudetenwaltz
Overture: M. Gustave H
A Prayer For Madame D
Daylight Express To Lutz
Schloss Lutz Overture
The Family Desgoffe Und Taxis
Last Will and Testament
Up the Stairs/Down the Hall
Night Train To Nebelsbad
The Lutz Police Militia
Check Point 19 Criminal Internment Camp Overture
J.G. Jopling, Private Inquiry Agent
A Dash of Salt (Ludwig's Theme)
The Cold-Blooded Murder of Deputy Vilmos Kovacs
The War (Zero's Theme)
The Society of the Crossed Keys
Third Class Carriage
Canto At Gabelmeister's Peak
A Troops Barracks (Requiem For the Grand Budapest)