Ellie Goulding

Featured in the following...

Starry Eyed Kick-Ass
Bittersweet The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
Lights 1 Spring Breakers
1:28 Song during end credits.
I Know You Care Now Is Good
1:39 Song during end credits.
Mirror The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Hanging On 3 Divergent
0:15 Song as the day comes for Tris to choose her virtue.
My Blood Divergent
0:40 cuando tris decide entrenar duro. instrumental version.
Dead In the Water Divergent
1:35 Song when Tris and Four kiss.
Beating Heart 1 Divergent
2:09 End of the movie, plays into end credits.
How Long Will I Love You About Time
Only You Addicted
Every Time You Go The Vampire Diaries
Season 1 : Episode 22 - Founder's Day
Burn The Vampire Diaries
Season 5 : Episode 2 - True Lies
Tessellate Revenge
Season 3 : Episode 7 - Resurgence
Anything Could Happen Mommy
Love Me Like You Do 2 Fifty Shades of Grey
0:32 Christian takes Ana out in his Helicopter.
Love Me Like You Do 5 Fifty Shades of Grey
Anything Could Happen Hot Tub Time Machine 2