The Replacements

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I'll Be You Jerry Maguire
Can't Hardly Wait He's Just Not That Into You
Bastards Of Young Adventureland
First song at the start of the movie.
Unsatisfied Adventureland
1:33 James leaves for New York.
Color Me Impressed The Go-Getter
Within Your Reach Say Anything...
1:32 Lloyd packs his bags and leaves to go to England with Diane.
Within Your Reach Say Anything...
1:12 Lloyd explains his break up with Diane to MC and Corey.
I Will Dare Hot Tub Time Machine
1:03 Nick and Lou are sitting at the bar talking about future ideas. Twitter,, Zach Efron, Prius.
Here Comes a Regular Going the Distance
1:27 Garrett tries to beat Erin's high score at the Centipede video game in the bar.
Achin' to Be Young Adult
0:16 First song at the bar when Mavis is supposed to meet Buddy.
I Will Dare This is 40
0:22 Pete talks with Cat and Ronnie at his record studio.
Bastards of Young Singles
1:34 Steve and Linda get back together and begin making out on the couch