Bruce Springsteen

Featured in the following...

Secret Garden Jerry Maguire
My City Of Ruins Jersey Girl
Out In The Street Reign Over Me
0:35 Johnson goes to Charlies house and he's playing the Springsteen album, 'The River'. Johnson and Charlie jam together.
Drive All Night Reign Over Me
1:12 Charlie finally tells Johnson about his family in the psychatrist's office. They leave the therapist. Charlie leaves and watches TV but leaves
Streets of Philadelphia Philadelphia
First song. Opening shots with various shots of Philadelphia.
The Wrestler The Wrestler
1:45 Plays as the movie ends. Credits start
Hungry Heart Risky Business
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight( The Heartbreak Kid
The Fuse 1 25th Hour
2:03 First song in end credits.
The River High Fidelity
Iceman In the Land of Women
1:08 Lucy runs over and kisses Carter after they argue. Sarah watches from the window. Carter runs to the Hardwicke's house.
Dancing In the Dark Promised Land
Hungry Heart 1 Warm Bodies
0:33 Song plays as R and Julie dance and play in the abandoned airplane.
Dancing In the Dark The Place Beyond The Pines
0:29 Song after they do their first robbery. They listen to this song while they count the money.
State Trooper (Trentemøller Mix) De rouille et d'os (Rust and Bone)
1:32 Stephanie gets her legs tattooed and starts running the bets at Alains fights.
Hungry Heart The Wedding Singer
Secret Garden A Night at the Roxbury
1:08 Steve and Doug apologize to each other and throw stones into the water. They hug on the bridge.
Tougher Than the Rest Wild
0:42 Cheryl arrives the Kennedy Meadows rest stop and meets up with the rest of the guys.
Tougher Than the Rest Wild