Henry Jackman

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Big Daddy Kills
1:04 After Red Mist steals the Teddy Bear Cam from the burning warehouse and D'Amico watches it as Big Daddy kills his men.
Out of the Penthouse, Off to the Race
1:11 Ralph returns to his game to find everyone has left because it is out of order. He goes back to Sugar Rush to help Vanellope win the race.
You're My Hero
1:25 Ralph gets out of King Candy/ Turbos grip to fall on to diet coca-cola tower to make it explode so Vanellope can leave the game.
Arcade Finale
1:30 Ralph leaves Sugar Rush to return to Fix-it Felix after Vanellope becomes princess again and Sugar Rush is put back to normal.
A Giant Transformation
A Wedding Interrupted
Meet the Monsters
Do Something Violent!
Oversized Tin Can
The Battle At Golden Gate Bridge
Didn't Mean to Crush You
Imprisoned By a Strange Being
Galaxar As a Squidling
March of the Buffoons
Susan's Call to Arms
The Ginormica Suite
Would You Date Me?
Not That Sort of Bank
Frankenstein's Monster
What Am I Thinking
Mobilise for Russia
Rage and Serenity
To Beast or Not to Beast
Let Battle Commence
Mutant and Proud
Choose Your Crew
This Is Not a Drill
I’m the Captain Now
Do We Have a Deal?
Entering the Lifeboat
End This Peacefully
Two In the Water
Initiate the Tow
High-Speed Maneuvers
Hiro Hamada
Nerd School
Inflatable Friend
Huggable Detective
The Masked Man
One of the Family
The Streets of San Fransokyo
To the Manor Born
So Much More
First Flight
Silent Sparrow
Family Reunion
I Am Satisfied with My Care
Signs of Life
Another Day At the Plant
Meet the Competition
Tuck & Roll
Snail vs. Mower
Alarming Changes
Crow Attack!
Starlight Plaza
Two Dreamers
Let Him Race
Guy Gagné
Racing Day
The Race Is On
You're Amazing
50 Year Old Ghost Story
wright patterson
one degree of separation
in the sights
a call to arms